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South India!

The reason I wonder about Monsoon!



Gaganachukki falls,Karnataka, India

Gaganachukki,Karnataka, India

Gaganachukki,Karnataka, India

Jog Falls,Karnataka,India

Kodaikkanal,Tamil Nadu, India

Munnar-Kodai,Tamil Nadu, India




Shivanasamudra,Karnataka, India

Friends fun!

Life is cool! Short indeed!  fantabulous living in the diverse country like India! Where culture, food, language, customs differ from place to place in the country, Yes I mean it! how diverse!

Well, today I’m gonna share you how I spent my graduation life with my buddies to make life memorable, Traveling around, partying and lot more.

Take a look……


**All images are Copyrighted by Nishanth Gowda.


“The good shine from afar

like the snowy Himalayas.

The bad don’t appear

Even when near,

Like arrows shot into the night.”

                                                                             ~ Buddha

“Pure heart is compared to the Himalayas, to the ocean of Milk, to a chariot for the Divine.” ~ Sri  Sai Baba.