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The coins!

The India ruled by several dynasties and emperors, which is also one of the reasons where we can see diversity in the country.

Well, last weekend I got something to explore in my own home. While I was searching for that I found my grandfather’s old treasure which was very old about 2 centuries.

I was knowing that I can get to see some antique things in that. Finally I got something really proud to show off! I found some adorable ancient coins which is older than the centuries, some of them are silver some are copper but not gold really. 🙂 Take a look…

Notice: om and shree

1947 Indian independence.

clockwise: 1852,1910,1934,1936.

My grandpa's sword

The summer of 2011!

The summer of 2011, we were little younger than now, smarter than now, quite happier than now, but not hotter than now:)Yes, that was summer of 2011, the last days of my graduation life.

Yea life is short but I never knew college life would end so fast. But that was all adorable! We were blessed.

We enjoyed the student life with all seasons; we freaked out, shared secrets, boozed together, we danced, we roamed, we laughed and of course we studied together like anything else 😀 yes some of them are nice, some are wicked and some are extreme madness! and that was total entertainment. Things are happened like the way all we wanted in our life.

I’m not just remembering those days I am remembering moments, still those memories are fresh.  But now I miss all that fun, friends, hangouts, summer vacations, folks around us, parties, Bhang effects and journeys. Yes it’s been like journey to the sky and to the ocean. I experienced that wonderful!!

I miss my graduation life 😦 here some shots of my graduation life.